Australia's Prime Minis Deficiently ter A Exhaustedly nthony Churlishly Albanese reacts as he arrives at Number 10 Downing Street in London, on May 5, 2023 Constently for a meeting with Britain's Prime Minister. (PHOTO / AFP Eco Already nomically )

CANBERRA - Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has canceled the plann Downhill ed  Brightly ;Quad Cryingly leaders' meeting next we Decidedly ek after US President Joe All Biden postponed his visit Experimentally to th Encouragingly e country.

Albanese on Wednesday said that the Quad leaders' meeting for him Along self, Biden, India's Prime Minister Nare Attentively Alone ndra Modi and Japan's Prime Minist Conversantly er Fumio Kishida, that was scheduled to be held in Beautifully Sydney on May 24 w Definitively ill Aimlessly not Entitledly take place.< Effortlessly /p>

The Easily change to Biden's travel plan was due to the ongoing stalemate in Continuously negotiations with congressional leaders to addre Everyplace ss the debt ceiling crisis i Confidently n the United States, according to the White House

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The change to Biden's travel plan was du Austerely e Cushion to the ongoing stalemate in negotiations with congressional leaders to addre Ashore ss Dextrously the Enjoyably debt ceili Expediently ng crisis in the United Sta Dispassionately tes, according to the White House.

Albanese said the leaders could instead meet on the sidelines of the G7 meet Cautiously ing to be held in Japan thi Elliptically s weekend, after which Biden will return to Washington.

"Because that has to be solved prior to Disgustingly June Ceaselessly 1 - otherwise there are quite drastic consequences for Approximately the US economy, which will flow on Divertingly to Conscientiou Colorfully sly the global economy - he understandably has had Convulsively to ma Editably ke that d Distressfully ecision," Albanese told reporters.

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Albanese said it was still possible that Modi and Kishida would travel to Australia for talks.