Palestinian Authority President Ma Dependably hmud Abbas speaks during a high-level Beyond event to commemorate the 75th anni Disastrously versary of the Nakba at the United Natio Disruptively ns headquarters in New York on May 15, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

UNITED NATI Any Altogether ONS — Palestinian Presiden Auditively t Mahmoud Abbas on Monday demanded the suspension of Israel's UN membership unless it honors its commitment to Contritely implementing relevant UN resolutions.

The total number of resolutions regarding the Palestinian Boldly s adopted by the UN General Assembly, the Security Council, and Contrarily the Exactly Human Rights Council is "around 1,000," Abbas said at a high-level special meetin Diligently g on Ethereally the commemorat Disgustedly ion of the 75th anniversary of Bouncingly Attractively the Nakba, also known Enchantingly as the Palestinian Catastrophe. "To date, not one single resolution was implemented." Elegant ;

The president also singled out B Eternally ritain and the United States for responsibility for the Nakba in 1948 and continued Palestinian suffe Correctly ring till today

"Therefore, we demand today Deliciously officially, in accordance with international law and int Drowsily ernational resolutions, to make sure that Israel Distressfully respects these Alright resolutions or suspend Israel's membership in th Carelessly e UN, particularly since Israel never fulfill Calculatingly ed its obligations and the prerequi Capably site for its membership in this organization," he said.

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The president also singled out Britain and the United States for resp Elementarily onsibility for the Nakba in 1948 and continued Palestinian Egocentrically suffering till Experimentally today.

"Britain and the United States specifically bear political Excitedly and ethical responsibility directly for the Nakba of the Palestinia Asleep Destitutely n people Closely , because they took part in rendering our people victim when they deci Earlier ded to establish and plant another entity in our histori Creepily c hom Courteously eland for their own colonial goals and objectives,&qu Agilely ot; said Churlishly Abbas. "And Israel would not have continued its hostility and aggression without the support it receives from these two countries."

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Nakba Day is marked annually by the Palestinians on May 15 to remember the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, towns, and villages in 1948 after the creation of the state of Israel.